Frontier Straight Whiskey

80 proof unaged whiskey made with local corn and carefully stilled to produce a smooth taste and full-flavored experience. Sold in 375ml bottles and serves as the base for all our products.

 Sold at $28.00 per bottle

Lazy RW Gear

Lemon Flavored Whiskey

60 proof whiskey with all natural ingredients combined with our corn base makes this Lemon infused combination a fan favorite. Sold in 750ml bottles, there's noting better to cap off a hot summer day. 

Coffee Mug Design III

There is nothing plain about this coffee mug.  This mug only comes in one color, white. 

$8 each 

Double-Walled Stainless Steel Drink ​It’s important to have a good drink insulator. This double-walled stainless steel drink insulator also comes with a gasket top to helps to seal the cold in and keep your drink cold. 

$20.00 each

A small distillery with big standards.


RW Shot Glass

Can't make whiskey if you don't provide a vessel for consumption, it is sure to generate a smile.

$2.50 each


3 Liter Charred Oak Barrel

These barrels are made to order.  All Barrels are given a serial number, never to be repeated.                    Priced at $90.00 

Coffee Mug Design II  Everyone one will know what your brand of whiskey is with this coffee mug. These great mugs come in both blue and orange.

$ 8 per mug


Moscow Mule Mug

This mug, is sure to make an conversation peace for anyone's collection. For our spin on the Moscow Mule click here. 

$18.00 each

All of our products are sold directly out of our Moorefield Location. If you would like to make arrangements to purchase our whiskey outside of our business hours, please contact us to make arrangments.  

Whiskey Class

Pour your self 2 fingers in our Lazy RW Distillery whiskey glass. $6.00 each

Lemon Whisky Hat

Show everyone what your favorite Lazy RW flavor is with this black and white hat with Lemon yellow writing. 

Special Products 

Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey

70 Proof smooth whiskey taste with an infused cinnamon accent. The perfect combination of natural cinnamon bark and corn whiskey. Sold in 750 ml bottles and great substitute for other well known products.

Coffee Mug

Not everything is about whiskey. This  mug will help you get through the morning until happy hour.                 $8  each

Lazy RW Distillery 

Red Lazy RW Windmill Hat

 Sold at $28.00 per bottle

Whiskey Flavors

Cinnamon Whisky Hat

Show everyone what your favorite Lazy RW flavor is with this black and white hat with cinnamon hot writing. 

Gray Lazy RW Windmill Hat

 Sold at $28.00 per bottle

Black Lazy RW Windmill Hat