Frontier Straight 

Lazy RW Enterprises LLC

511 South Ash St.                     Moorefield, NE 69039 

Whiskey Products Sold at $28.00 per bottle

Our Whiskey



A small distillery with big standards.

Lazy RW Distillery 


Business Hours                                                                            Friday 5:00pm-7:00pm                                                         Saturday 1:00pm-5:00pm

80 proof unaged whiskey made with local corn and carefully stilled to produce a smooth taste and full-flavored experience. Sold in 375ml bottles and serves as the base for all our products.

70 Proof smooth whiskey tastes with an infused cinnamon accent. The perfect combination of natural cinnamon bark and corn whiskey. Sold in 750 ml bottles and a great substitute for other well-known products.

60 proof whiskey with all natural ingredients combined with our corn base makes this Lemon infused combination a fan favorite. Sold in 750ml bottles, there's nothing better to cap off a hot summer day. 

 All of our products are sold directly out of our Moorefield Location.  If you would like to make other arrangements  please feel free to contact us.