A small distillery with big standards.

Lazy RW Distillery

Lazy RW Distillery was founded in August of 2015, by father and son team Bill and Todd Roe.  What started out as a fascination with old journals from a Great Uncle, who operated a still on the Niobrara River in prohibition days, has now become a fully licensed whiskey distillery located in Moorefield, Nebraska.  We are very proud of the slow process we use to make our whiskey the quality product we produce.  With Nebraska corn, Nebraska vendors, and three featured products (Straight Corn Whiskey, Cinnamon Flavor Whiskey, and Lemon Flavored Whiskey) we have followed our Uncle's notes to a tee.  We are a small distillery with huge standards of quality.  We look forward to providing a high-end product for many years to come.